New Equity Partners undertakes a broad range of assignments to help clients realize the full potential of their initiatives and the required resources needed to succeed. Researching and analyzing data, identifying the most efficient and effective path to follow, and recommending the right people in the right positions using the right technology provide the maximum benefit to the client and their team. Areas of expertise include organizational structure, community economic development and neighborhood revitalization; housing and health care, public and civic engagement; public-private partnerships, and social justice support and advocacy.

NEP assists clients with strategic visioning and planning, project development and execution, issue analysis, and assessment of triple bottom line impacts and ROI.

Our work and clients are diverse and dispersed around the globe. Yet, the underlying nature of our services benefit the triple bottom line benefiting people, planet and profits. Our footprint includes:

  • An international association of public and private medical and healthcare professionals, based in Vienna, Austria studying and improving men’s health worldwide by focusing on the “social determinants” of men’s health and its influence on daily healthcare delivery services;
  • Working with private real estate enterprises that identify and redevelop small airports into vibrant triple bottom line community assets;
  • Identifying productive solutions for young people, their families, schools, educational systems and community foundations that create rational and productive alternatives to solve disciplinary problems (sometimes referred to as “restorative justice”);
  • Creating mixed-income, mixed-use, environmentally sound residential developments in low-income neighborhoods through a non-profit land trust, governed by community residents;
  • Working with numerous community foundations and nonprofits offering “Futuriums,” conventional and online forums that provide unbiased and reliable information about important socio-economic issues, e.g., constitutional revisions, governing charter changes and state legislative redistricting plans, in a dynamic and interactive public collaboration that improves awareness, knowledge and participation.

CONTACT: Roderick N. Petrey, Esq., New Equity Partners, Inc., 201 South Biscayne Boulevard, Room 2805, Miami, FL 33131. 305-479-9525. rpetrey@newequitypartners.org