New Equity Partners is a public interest consulting firm of innovative civic-minded entrepreneurs.  Working together using our diverse talents, networks and professional experiences, NEP:

  • consults with private- and public-sector clients to achieve “triple bottom line*” results for their people, planet and profits; and
  • create new ventures that focus on the same triple bottom line principles that serve both theirs and the public’s interest.

Based in Miami, Florida, NEP serves national and international clients through an “umbrella” group comprising two cooperating and complimenting organizations:

  • A Florida 501(c)(3) not-for-profit “public charity” that accepts charitable contributions and grants from private foundations; and
  • A Vermont L3C “public benefit” corporation that can offer private equity investments while seeking triple bottom line goals.

NEP’s staff includes experienced senior management consultants and entrepreneurial leaders of private businesses, nonprofit organizations and civic enterprises. A cadre of full-time staff is supplemented by expert advisers to form and facilitate problem-solving teams with clients.

* Triple bottom line solutions are results that help people, protect the planet and produce profits, all at the same time.  They recognize the interdependence of problem-solving approaches with the array of solution options for attaining goals that are useful and productive for private and public enterprises.

CONTACT: Roderick N. Petrey, Esq., New Equity Partners, Inc., 201 South Biscayne Boulevard, Room 2805, Miami, FL 33131. 305-479-9525. rpetrey@newequitypartners.org